By JanetMayes

Teeny tiny spiders

J and I were eating dessert on the deck when I realised our plate was surrounded by a mass of minuscule yellow spiders, which were emerging between the boards of the table - my fauna for Tiny Tuesday! Until that point, my best offer was a rather dull fly on a buttercup. I moved the plate before rushing for the camera - cake trumps photos! I'm not good at anything this small - the autofocus doesn't really cope, and my eyes struggle with manual. However, I took enough to end up with a few which were somewhere close to focused. I'm back-blipping these almost a week late, after a lot of computer problems stopped me from downloading or posting any photos for several days, so I've obviously missed the challenge, but here they are anyway: the common garden spider, Araneus Diadematus. I looked them up specially.

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