There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Walk on Water

I would have to say that I am loving retirement. I am not having any trouble at all filling my days. And when it comes right down to it, there is nothing that feels more like sticking it to "The Man" than having lots of fun on a Monday morning, when most of the rest of the world is at WORK!

It had been a surprisingly, suddenly hot weekend, which was very trying for those of us who really mind the heat (that would include me). But on Sunday afternoon, a big storm system moved through, and in some places in the state, the temperature instantly dropped as much as 20 or 30 degrees! YOWZA! I am happy again!

So on Monday morning, we decided we'd have a quick hot breakfast on the way and then head for Cherry Run, which is not far from Lamar. There is road construction on routes 26 and 64 between Pleasant Gap and Lamar in at least three places, which is amazing. But a little patience will get you there.

By just after 11 a.m., we'd had our breakfast and were in the woods. A short hike took us to a spot we love along the creek, where we set up our chairs and settled in for the day. We had our tunes box and our books, but we never even GOT to the books.

A thing that retirement has allowed me to do is to spend much more time with my favorite person in the whole wide world, which is to say my husband. He is my best friend and there is nothing we love to do so much as to sit and tell stories and laugh ourselves half to death.

So that is what we did on Monday. We had a fabulous time in the woods, it was cool and partly sunny, and the water was cold but comfy. So it was that we went water walking as the day reached its high temp in the early afternoon. I put on my tough New Balance water shoes (NOT flip-flops!), and had a great time amid PA's gorgeous woods and waters!

Here is a photo of me walking on water at Cherry Run on a Monday morning, sticking it to "The Man," on a day when I laughed so hard that my sides hurt, and on the walk out, I almost worried that I'd broken a rib from laughing! I may have been struggling in some ways over the weekend, but toss me in the cold, cold water and I am right as rain; these are better days, for sure!

I find I have two soundtrack songs for this happy Monday Blip. Here is ex New York City cop Eddie (Mahoney) Money, with Walk on Water. And here are Bruce Springsteen and the crew (who are going on tour again, did you hear?), with Better Days.

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