By Yorkshirebred

Bus Pass Walk

Have backblipped for Monday, so hopefully have caught up on posting now :-). The village bus was late….again!  And there is no alternative Jet Bus now due to the timetable changes.  Still, we eventually made it up to Gilstead for a walk over the crags.  Long range views towards the Dales, big skies and lots of greenery.  Down the hillside through the park and then towards Five Rise Locks passing the lovely neat allotments.  Dog roses flourishing along the canal bank and the bees were enjoying them.  Refreshments at Five Rise Cafe, and then a wander a little further along the canal. I had a better photo of the boats coming through the locks, but then realised there was a lady in the window of the red boat still in her nightclothes - she quickly disappeared when she saw the cameras!  :-) It then started raining so we went down to the main road and caught a bus back to town.  Lunch in the Craft Cafe - do like their unusual menu.  Left in time for the bus home only to find it had been cancelled, and it was half an hour until the alternative Jet Bus ran.  So, taxi back to the village!  Sorry about another collage, but it was a very varied sights day today!  Got home to find that I had just missed a parcel delivery - must not have been our normal postie as instead of putting the parcel in our “safe place” it had been taken to the post office up in Eldwick.  So annoying when special delivery had been paid for - £6 wasted there!  Then the postman came back to deliver some more items next door.  I asked about the parcel but he said there were 2 vans out today and my parcel must have been on the other one. Used to be able to have it redirected to the village post office, but that option is no longer m available on the site, so now  have to wait until tomorrow and work out how to go and collect it when I need to be elsewhere! Ho hum!

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