yellow flag…



by the water’s edge

the really nice thing - about running errands now - is seeing all the - new variety of flowers - beginning to pop - up from the earth - and due to our - recent storms everything - has turned green and lush - very quickly which - is a welcome sight

these yellow flag iris - were snapped during - a quick drive by - of a small pond - we saw and i - just had time to stretch - out the window - to do a snap-snap as - we were running late - sometimes it’s not - so bad, this having a driver thing - i figure it’s probably - safer for other drivers - at least since in - the past i’d slam - on my brakes and try - to maneuver some kind - of turn in the - middle of the street - to get my shot

with a personal driver - at the helm - it leaves me to safely - navigate my camera - to get the shot and ensure…


happy day.....

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