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By lozarithm

Caen Hill Locks

Last year I was following the progress of the six cygnets that were being raised at the top of the Caen Hill Locks flight on the Kennet and Avon at Devizes, so I was interested at the news that a nest had appeared there again this year and called by on my travels on Tuesday.

A couple were feeding the pair at Boto X Lock no. 41 when I arrived, and the swan's nest was visible on the far side of the canal, though I could not see the eggs, but they told me that one of the pair had just turned them over. Apparently, only one of last year's brood had made it to adulthood. A rival cob swan had attacked and drowned two of the remaining three cygnets when they were quite mature, it seems. I'm not sure whether that swan was half of the present couple.

I also got some shots of the mallard duck that you see in the blip.

I was on my way to view a property up for auction in West Lavington: Home Farm.


Blip #961
Consecutive Blip #000
Day #1118

Lens: Sigma 70-300 mm

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