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Bowood 2013 #5

The prospect of Spring-like weather led me back to Bowood on this Sunday afternoon, with reports of temperatures reaching 20 degrees in parts of the country, though shade temperatures in Calne stalled at 14.8. Blue skies had been visible in the morning but had disappeared by the afternoon.

I paid my second visit to the gardens of Bowood House this time, hoping to be able to sit and read for awhile. In fact, I was too engrossed in watching the bird life to produce my reading matter. Small birds were tweeting excitedly in the gardens, the gulls were making quite a racket on the lake, a buzzard was in the skies beyond the lake, geese were honking and there were large groups of rooks pecking in the fields in front of the gardens, where there were flocks of sheep. I was delighted to see my first swallow of the year dart past me there. However, it was quite cold and windy, and I soon needed to get moving, and I walked down to the Lake near to the boat house.


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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
????? ?????? - ?????? ??? ??????? (1990)
This might be by the Athenian composer and singer Eleni Vitali, but I'm not sure as everything on the You Tube page is in the Greek alphabet, which it seems Blipfoto doesn't support. It reminds me a little of Lana Del Ray's Video Games; perhaps it was an inspiration?

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