A moment in time

By Skyegirl


Who would have thought that I would have blipped for eleven years.  I first was made aware of Blip by my daughter (thanks so much Four Story) and I was hooked from the first.  It has become second nature to blip each day, and I always take my camera with me when out and about.  I prefer to use my camera rather than my phone, as I think I get a better photograph.  Not that all my photos are great, but it is a record of my life.  And I do get a thrill when I get appreciative comments.

I have made many friends on Blip,  mostly virtual, but I have had the pleasure of meeting a few.  Blippers tend to be great people and very supportive in times of stress too.

Thanks to the volunteers who keep Blip going, they give a lot of their time for our pleasure.  Not forgetting Joe Tree, who started it all with his great idea.

Onward and upward.  Best wishes to all

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