I should have stayed in bed.

I slept in this morning and nothing has gone right since.
Wakened up 10 minutes after I had been due to pick Janice up to go to a plant sale.
Phoned Janice to say, so sorry, be there in 15 mins.
Janice said, so sorry I forgot about the plant sale, be ready in 25 mins.
Picked Janice up and drove to St Monans, parked the car, walked swiftly to the hall. It was closed.
Asked a passerby who directed us to another hall. Walked there to discover we were too early!!!
Passed the time at the harbour with a cuppa then returned to sale.
Afterwards I dropped Janice home and headed to Hamilton Wood for a short walk. Five minutes into the wood a horse and rider trotted in from a field opening. Horse and Geordie spooked each other. Rider and I got a shock, they backed off and let us walk on.
I knew almost instantly that Geordie was stressed. He wouldn’t come near me, just kept trotting around staring at me. So I walked on hoping he would relax enough to get him back on the lead. No luck, so I threw him one of his supplement tablets. He wolfed it down and trotted on. By this point we were walking around fields. He stayed about ten feet away from me in front or behind. In time we made our way back to the wood, then through it to the car, but Geordie was still wound up, wouldn’t come near or get in the car, so I threw him another tablet, (still within the daily dosage). We set off back through the wood to give it time to work. Second attempt to get in car failed too.
So I had no choice but phone for help.
Shane came to the rescue with Hannah and Maggie. Geordie was over the moon to see them, but didn’t know what to do. It was obvious he wanted to come to them, but was very jumpy. Five year old Hannah just managed to grab his collar and walk him out the wood. The poor boy looked almost relieved to be safe on the lead. I was exhausted by then but the girls wanted to go for a walk in the wood, and I wasn’t about to disappoint my rescuers, so off we went back into the wood with Geordie securely and calmly walking on the lead this time.
I originally planned on a short walk because I wasn’t feeling great, but it turned into 4 and a half miles.
I will be very ready to go to sleep tonight and eager to start a better day tomorrrow.

Extra, Geordie lying on the grass looking very frightened.

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