Under the Boardwalk?

This little family group was enjoying the later afternoon sun under the bridge over the Wye as I walked back from the Festival site.  It's a bit of a functional bridge, not attractive, but the geometry here attracted my attention.

And in the Extra: "Why is Finland so Happy?".  The Finnish ambassador is seated at the far end, next to him Danny Dorling (Professor of Human Geography at Oxford University), then a Finnish journalist called Katya Pantzar.  It was a very interesting talk, humorous and considerate.  The Finns are happy because they value each other in a society of relative equality; differentials of pay and class are slim, with an excellent education system and low street homelessness (nine people live on the street, in the whole of Finland, although about 4,700 are "homeless").

They discussed Universal Basic Income and how it might work, being trialled in Finland, Wales and parts of the EU.  And how Scotland is closer to the Finnish model of contentment than England.  By a long way.

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