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By Lallybroch


Our 4 cats have been so cute and cuddly with us since we got home last night. I'm guessing they missed us while we were away! I think Leia also missed being able to go in the conservatory - it's such a sun trap in there and she was straight in there today when I opened the door and curled up on the sofa for ages. It was tempting to go for a snooze in there myself as I slept really badly last night and ended up getting up at 4am and watched tv for a few hours - so frustrating!

Went into Edinburgh earlier for an acupuncture appointment and then popped round to see my sister before heading home for a quiet night in. I did hope to get a blip whilst in Edinburgh since it was such a glorious day but just didn't get inspired by anything. And as my cats haven't featured on here for a while, a blip of Leia it is then!

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