All about Lallybroch

By Lallybroch


Had a really good journey home from the Peak District today. We woke up early so ended up leaving just before 9am. We had hoped to stop off at a really good farm shop near the cottage to bring some of their wares back with us, but unfortunately it didn't open till 11am so we had to leave empty handed. The traffic was light the whole way, although we did pass an unfortunate car on the hard shoulder of the M6 which was completely engulfed in flames. The fire brigade hadn't yet arrived and I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up shutting the motorway to put it out, so I'm glad we got passed in time.

I love it when we get to the section of the M6 which turns into the M74 and you cross the border. Just seeing that "Welcome to Scotland" sign always makes me feel like we're home, even though we still have another hour and a half of driving in front of us. It was good to be away but good to be back too.

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