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The Fancy Dress BBQ

Had a really bad night last night with Ethan. He has had several bouts of consipation for a few weeks now which last several days. We've been giving him cooled boiled water on the advice of the Health Visitor which usually kick starts his system quickly but it had been 4 days now and he was clearly uncomfortable. Overnight was awful though - he was getting distressed and we couldn't get him to sleep or to calm down and ended up phoning NHS24 for advice at 3am. They couldn't really suggest much we hadn't already tried but said to take him to the GP in the morning. Finally at 4am he went to sleep and when I changed his nappy at 8am, finally, there had been a big explosion! Poor wee mite. I'm exhausted today though as I only managed about 3 hours sleep all night. Here's hoping for a better night tonight.

Later in the day we went for a walk with my Dad & Aunty Karen round Polkemmet Country Park. It was bitterly cold and I couldn't believe my eyes when a bus load of teenagers in fancy dress pulled up and off they trotted for a BBQ in the grounds of the park! They're hardier than I am that's for sure!

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