Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Weekly shot

I've got to take more pictures on a Wednesday! This was our troop in the evening.

It wasn't our usual Wednesday. We went out shopping in the morning for a few things for the meal. G had set her heart on doing a Chinese meal. She had a little accident, cutting her thumb during the prep but had everything ready well in time. Sadly, Jeff & Margaret didn't make it to supper again. Their car overheated on the way down. Thankfully, they got to a garage, but the problem was more complex than a 30 minute fix, so they had to leave it there and take a taxi to church.

G's meal was delicious, and there is, er, quite a lot leftover. Apart from that we popped into the Party Centre (after ages) to see if they had any bunting. They didn't.

I should record that G was up in the very early hours, unable to sleep. She finally saw the rat that has taken to visiting the living room balcony in the night, eating the leaves of the jasmine bush that is trying hard to establish itself! Needless to say, we need to come up with a plan to send it on its way to the happy hunting grounds.

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