My sister Shirley and I in Knaresborough.

We finally made it after 3 years, due to the Pandemic and other external factors.
It was a lovely day and contrary to all dire predictions of nose to tail traffic on the major motorways, the M1 and A1 were relatively quiet.
As it has been a warm sunny day, the 2hr 15 min drive to Knaresborough was very smooth, thankfully.
So good to see her and my brother-in-law Neil once more and a long catch-up conversation interspersed with a lovely lunch, a walk into the small town to see the Jubilee decorations and always a visit to the Castle grounds with its beautiful view over the River Nidd towards the railway viaduct. (More photos in extras).
Once we got back to their home, which is decorated outside with bunting and a beautiful fresh flower wreath on the front door, we had our early evening dinner.
I haven’t been able to comment on your blips but will catch up eventually.
We’ve had a very relaxing day and are currently on our way home.
It is such a beautiful evening with its golden light and luscious surrounding countryside, with all the trees in full leaf.
We stopped south of Sheffield as I was driving so Stephen could take over. The first time in a long time I’ve done some longish distance driving.
Good practice for our long drive down to the Lizard in Cornwall at the end of this month.
We didn’t see any of the Jubilee service or events but can download them and fast forward Boris’s bit!
I’ve so enjoyed the day today.

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