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By dublinshooter

New door

I warned the bathroom guys yesterday that their stuff had to be moved out of the porch because the new sliding door was to be installed. They grumbled a bit, but I insisted. Today they had to move their mobile workshop from the front driveway to the back yard and go up and down through the kitchen while the door installer did his work out front.

The door guy did a great job, even taking the old door away in his van rather than bringing a skip in. The difference is amazing. The old door was way past its sell-by date and had a tendency to get stuck in mid-slide in wet weather. It was ancient anyway, and only single-glazed. The new one is a different kettle of fish altogether. It's as high-tech as they come and slides as smoothly as a knife through butter. It also comes with its own security-protected keys with their own personalised code — very posh.

One thing the new one is missing is a letterbox, since it's glazed in single, full-height panes. I ordered a wall-mounted mail box to compensate for this. It was originally down for delivery on 7th June but I was delighted when it arrived on Monday. I'd arranged with the door supplier to have it fitted at the same time and the installer duly delivered. A great outcome.

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