By Colstro


Residents at one end of our street decided to organise a street party for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  It was well supported with a good turnout. The street was officially closed to traffic, but rather than arrange the tables in a long line along the street, they decided to group them all together to encourage conversations between neighbours who barely knew each other. The threat of rain also meant that they borrowed as many gazebos as they could get their hands on.  In the event, the gazebos, tables and chairs were arranged in their front gardens, so the road closure wasn't strictly necessary (we don't get a lot of traffic anyway).

Although the expressions on the faces of people in my blip may not show it, people appeared to enjoy the event.  I'm not sure how many turned up in the end, but they were expecting up to 150 spread throughout the afternoon.  Games, quizes and music were all laid on. The forecast of heavy rain and possible thunderstorms proved to be wrong.  Although it was rather chilly, the rain held off which was a great relief to all.

There were probably thousands of similar events throughout the country.

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