Housenick Park ...

... fox kit.

Before supper this afternoon we went out to Housenick Park for a quick walk.  As we were leaving we saw a red fox walk across the road in front of us.  We slowed down and I grabbed my camera which is almost always on the car floor in front of me.  As I put the window down hoping to see the fox again this little kit came out of the shrubbery where the adult fox was first seen.  

He/she disappeared again as soon as he/she saw our vehicle.  But Richard angled our SUV so that I could get a clean shot of the kit if he/she came back out of the shrubbery.  And he/she did!  Please look large.

I quickly took some photos and then we continued on our way as we didn't want to upset the kit any more than we did.  He/she kept looking across the street to where the adult fox had gone and I knew the kit wanted to follow.

In other news:  We saw our first Monarch butterfly in our garden this afternoon.  And she was busy laying eggs for us to take care for her ... please see Extra. 

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