I decided yesterday that I wouldn’t go to the Community Fridge today as my neck was still very sore and painful, but then thought that I can’t let it “take over” my life, so dosed myself up this morning and went.  I really enjoyed being with all the other lovely volunteers, and although I couldn’t lift anything - I did enjoy chatting to different people in the café and doing other jobs too.

Heather, one of the organisers, asked me to “bag up” these Easter eggs - I’m not sure which store they came from, but it took quite a while to bag well over 500 - and I guess when money is tight, treats for the children are things that often “go by the board”.  Ten in a bag for free must have appealed to lots of Mums/Dads because the box soon emptied.

It’s a privilege to be able to chat to people and several people said they really appreciated not only the free food, which stops it going into landfill, but also making new friends - so a win/win situation.

Whilst chatting, most people also said they realised they had much to be grateful for - not least the smiling faces of the volunteers.

“A warm smile 
     is the universal language 
          of kindness.” 
William Arthur Ward

P.S.  Many thanks for your patience with me for not commenting.  However, I am really grateful for your kind comments, stars and hearts.  I had permission this morning to insert the photograph from yesterday - so I have put it in as an extra today.

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