By BryanImagining

Morning Snacking interrupted.

I hung an old woodpecker stump close to the sliding doorwall and partially filled the oversize holes with suet. It's much too close to the window for most birds to dare eat from, and the holes are too deep for all but the woodpeckers.

I caught this one this morning as the sun rose. The sun is at his back, and the glare from the window makes me all but invisible. I was maybe 6 feet from the feeder, with a 18-270 zoom maxed out, snapping madly. This one I like as it caught the early morning glint in his eye.

One of the best investments I've made in this house is to replace the windows of this doorwall. they were foggy and decayed when we moved in. I had no idea how much enjoyment my family would get out of seeing through these windows!!

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