By BryanImagining

His name is Bud.

Found Bud on a trail at lunch today. I thought I'd venture to the municipal nature trail to take in all that spring has to offer.

All it had to offer were soggy woodchips valiantly stemming the tide of mud. The trail through the woods was as eerie in spring as it was last winter; the forest is more than 70% dead, with the carcasses of Ash and Elm trees littering the landscape like the tombstones of an old neglected cemetery. One bumblebee tempted me in flight, but it was gone before the Eye of Nikon could focus. I brought my 105mm Macro for some pretty petals, but the muddy earth had yet to give any sign of life.

On my walk back I brushed by a spindly branch of a tree, and the tiny purple speck at the end caught my eye. Looking closely at the tip, no bigger than a Q-Tip, the budding greenery somewhat resembled the head of a swan.

Can you see him? Say hi to my little friend, Bud.

The first blush of Spring! Happy Earth Day, Blippers!

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