Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Orchard Orbweaver

I was weed whacking down by the road when I noticed something sort of shiny out of the corner of my eye on the trunk of a tree. It turned out to be this cute orchard orbweaver spider. I think it's entirely possible I may have walked through its web. Oops. I love its little green legs!


I just caught sight of our groundhog helping itself to some birdseed. Yesterday afternoon there was - in quick succession - the fox, the raccoon, the groundhog, and then... the first BEAR of the season. So today I've only put out a series of tiny handfuls of sunflower seeds (with a tiny number of peanuts up in the tree) so that the birds and squirrels can snarf them all down quickly and not leave piles of good smelling stuff to attract Mr. Bear. But Mr (or Ms) groundhog just came around for its afternoon tea. See extras!

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