Northern Star

By Lifferz


Sitting outside this evening after I did a late trip to the supermarket and a late BBQ with a Mexican theme was enjoyed.

It’s been a very, very frustrating day but the plus is it was sunny for part of the day and I got some gardening achievements done and sat in warm sunshine for an hour or so.

MrH has asked me to decide what to do with my old sports car (RX8) it’s not working but has very minor rust and someone may want it for parts. He wants the parking space for his van. He spent some of the day hoovering my car to see what state the interior was in (but it was a Spider fest apparently) then we had a big disagreement because he wants to leave the car unlocked as it won’t drive. I said I wanted it locked as I’m sure the insurance won’t pay out if it’s left unlocked. He locked it in the end- phew..

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