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Foxham Locks (Friday 10th June 2022)

I drove to Wootton Bassett in the afternoon with a number of things to do, and had a bit of a drive around on the back roads along the way, including a detour to Foxham Locks on the Wilts & Berks canal for a quick recce in preparation for a longer walk. I'd rather forgotten it was there but discovered on my return that I hadn't been there since 2010, when I'd walked almost the whole length of the watered section towards Dauntsey Locks.

I also called in at Studley Grange again to check on the nesting swan. This time I didn't see the "other" pair of swans to the north of the road bridge but the ducks were there, including an ex-farmyard hybrid duck (known as a "manky" mallard) and a mandarin duck keeping them company.

I'd first seen the pen swan on her nest on 19 April (when I had blipped the cob swan), which by my calculations is 52 days earlier, so surely hatching is imminent? Anyway, she was still sitting on the nest, with her partner nearby. The Studley Grange set were taken using a 55-300mm Pentax lens with a 1.4 times converter attached.

As it was Flower Friday and before I’d decided to go out, I went around the garden in the morning recording its current status, first using a wide-angle lens and then a standard macro zoom (actually twice because I thought I hadn't had a card in the camera when in fact I had). Amongst the shots were the Front Yard, a hanging basket (birthday present from the Spotlight Kid) and the pond corner (others in Woodland Garden June album). Thanks to BikerBear for hosting.

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Taken with Pentax K-50 (Red) and Sigma AF 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro HSM lens

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