La vida de Annie

By Annie

Tratando de estar tranquila.

A bleh sort of day with nothing much going on. I whiled away 10 minutes watching one of the tortoises dig a hole, strain over it a bit, then give up and walk away. Maybe she’s egg-bound. Feeling a bit low and stressed. My firstborn was 42 yesterday and I have this gloomy sensation of time running out for me. So much I wanted to do but realistically just can’t be bothered. Think it’s all the Brexshit, covid crap and dreadful news everywhere that’s ground me down, and now the awfullest of awful tourists are everywhere, dropping litter, shouting and being SO entitled. And it’s too hot! And my head hurts! And my stupid leg plays up when I want to walk somewhere! Whine, moan, rant!
Here’s one of my Buddhas reminding me to just relax and let “lo que será será“.

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