Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


Viewed from the bottom of the hill 14yo and I thought this might be the Czech flag, but when we got up close we realised not.

It is Philippine Independence Day, and White Wells cottage above Ilkley was flying their flag to celebrate.

We had a nice little outing at Ilkley. Lunch by the Tarn turned into quite an event with all of the ducks expecting a share. A young Moorhen was the noisiest creature around. 

Then a short walk via White Wells and back into town where we stocked up on books from the charity shops. I know, I am already very well stocked with books. 

We didn’t make it down to the food and drink festival, nor the ATP Ilkley Trophy tennis tournament which is apparently on for the rest of the week. It truly was all go in Ilkley today.

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