A day in the life

By Shelling


My student, Tony was here this morning for his "maintenance and development" lesson, as he calls it. We're coming up to midsummer and he has lots of jobs as a troubadour and leader of the songs around our maypole. When improving his playing he wants to try new songs that he couldn't play before and he says he needs me to guide him. Good for me, I have a student for the rest of my life as it seems, I enjoy helping him and he values what he gets. His sings in the style of "dance-band-music", here's an example of him singing so you can practice your Swedish on this midsummer tune, he never plays guitar on his recordings.

The afternoon was, as usual, used for musical planning and rehearsing, my schedule is full for the next couple of weeks too, hopefully I can relax a bit after midsummer. 

We had much needed rain in the afternoon but it passed and I got my blip from the wet garden. Flowering Sage, I can't say I've ever seen it flower this strongly before. 

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