A day in the life

By Shelling


Quite a normal day today during the circumstances. There's a concert tomorrow so today is again designed for preparations of various kinds. I'm trying to learn all the words for the songs but I won't make it to the degree that I can leave the lyrics at home. One thing is to sing the tunes, another is to play the tunes, and to do it simultaneously, while I've made arrangements tricky to play, and remember the words at the same time is still a little bit beyond me. The brain is like a computer, it can only process one thing at a time, so at least one of lyrics or playing has to be automated. If I have to think a microsecond of the start of a sentence, I'll miss the flow of my playing and vice versa. It'll be ok tomorrow, one way or another.

I'm trying to keep my ambition to jog twice a week and it's going ok. I do the same stretch mostly so I can notice if there is a difference. I think there is. My stamina has improved noticeably but not my speed, but who cares about speed. This view is familiar to me now but I thought the light was worth a blip. Theres a rainshower over Kalmar but we haven't had any rain since yesterday.

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