Pud tat is quite territorial. He likes to let all the cats who live in our street know that he is the boss. Apart from when it doesn't work out that way and he comes home with bites from fighting. He's in every night and we keep an eye on him, but yesterday, Little Miss spotted a significant injury on his behind. 

We got him into the 24 hour vet, who confirmed that our little ruffian had an abscess on his butt. He'd licked it and burst it (which saved surgery), but needed it to be cleaned up and is now wearing a rather fetching cone (which he hates). He's on anti-inflammatory/pain killer meds and antibiotics. 

We have to keep him in for the next five days at least. Yay. He'll love that.

MrB decided to go for a fish this morning. He'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Little Miss, Abe, Nikau and I are having a quiet day in. We'll walk Abe later, but for now, we're all just feeling like being lazy. That's okay on a public holiday. Thanks Queen Elizabeth!


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