Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Quite a few Geum flowers have appeared in my back garden recently.  Its been a bit windy and some of the tall stems have broken but some do remain standing tall. Thanks to BikeBear for hosting Flower Friday.

I needed to return an item to Amazon and as there's a Post Office in the Metrocentre I decided to go there this afternoon.  Long wait for the bus.  I was standing at the stop for 25 mins.  They seem to have missed one bus out and the next one was late.... and almost full when it arrived at my stop.  I did get a seat though.

The Metrocentre was fairly quiet for a Friday.  I posted my parcel first then had a wander.  Got a few things in Boots and Poundland.   Waited about a minute for the bus home.  

I was pleased to see that the refund from Amazon has already appeared in my account this evening. 

The weather today was OK - warmish but really dull.  We definitely aren't getting the heatwave that the South of the country is having.

Neil has gone to Carlisle this evening ready for a big day tomorrow. He's taking part in THE WALL -  the UK’s most iconic ultramarathon.  Its a 70  mile route through historic Hadrian’s Wall country.  The runners start near Carlisle Castle at 7am tomorrow morning and finish in Gateshead near the Millennium Bridge. 

I did maybe think I could be at the finish to see Neil come in but he predicts he might not get to Gateshead until around 11pm which is too late for me.  Next idea was to go to Hexham where one of the checkpoints is. The runners stop for around 10 mins. But Neil couldn't really pinpoint when he might be there so I could be waiting around for 2 hours or so and then only see him fleetingly.  So he's sent me a link to track his progress online.  I'm glad I can do that as I do worry when he does this kind of thing and can't wait to learn that he's finished ( and is OK )

Steps today - 7,102

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