Shades of green

So many shades of green at this time of year!

A day when the 'goalposts' were constantly changing. MrM needed to have a commissioned guitar ready to take to its new owner tomorrow morning. It should only "take an hour or so", and he suggested taking a picnic tea and walking up to Windy Gyle this afternoon to make the most of the good weather. But it was soon apparent that the work would take longer than anticipated, so we'd go for a short walk and have a meal at the Redesdale Arms. Late in the afternoon a glitch occurred. Rater than rush the job, MrM finally gave up work for the day and arranged to take the guitar in a week's time. Too late for Plan B, I managed to get a late booking at Milan, an Italian restaurant two-minutes walk away from the flat.

First, just time for a quick walk around the town and along the track above the Youth Hostel, and a drink at a local hostelry. It was a splendid meal, just what was needed at the end of a frustrating day!

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