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Poppy and bugs

A couple of years ago I had some new topsoil for my front garden and luckily for me it had the added bonus of poppy seeds. Here's one of this year's batch.

Today I have been busy getting ready for a weekend away at a folk festival at Croston, Lancashire. It's all sessions for musicians with no concerts, just a come and join in weekend.  One of the bands that I play in are leading a session on Saturday but I will be playing music in the other sessions every day too. Up to yesterday there were 170 musicians booked in so it will be quite an experience.  We haven't got together since before Covid so everyone is keen to turn up.

I'm camping together with the rest of the band.  N has a campervan and is making a meal both nights, the rest of us are taking food to add to the feasts. 

I won't be blipping until I get back, I'll be too busy.  Fingers crossed for decent weather!

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