By JanetMayes

Solstice poppy

I wandered round the garden looking for tiny solstice inspiration, but couldn't think of anything very specific to the date; however, the yellow Icelandic poppies are among my favourite midsummer blooms, popping up almost anywhere - this one has appeared between the decking boards, and is too pretty to pull out just yet. 

I'm terribly late posting this, and have lots more days to catch up, because of the ongoing computer issues. My laptop has now stopped opening files, so I can't edit anything on it; I have reverted to a much older laptop, but it took days to catch up with all the security and general updates before I could start using it, alongside trying to check all my backing up from the near-defunct computer. I entrust my computer purchases to P, who understands far more about them than I do and knows which features matter to me; today he has ordered a new laptop, which will be picked up on Saturday and looks very nice - though I'm sure the advertising makes them all look very nice. It will be a relief, once everything is installed and set up on it, as I've wasted huge amounts of time and experienced a lot of frustration and stress over quite a long period with the old one. I may even manage to keep on top of my blips.

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