By davidc

Abstract Thursday

Ingeborg has suggested the theme of "your favourite kind of abstract" for today's AT challenge as there've now been a "Year" of ATs: this is AT 365.

Well, it's hard for me to pin down an absolute favourite kind, but I do certainly like Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) effects. What's more it's fun to get the blip "right in camera" although I do enjoy messing in Photoshop as well.

Anyway, this afternoon we went to the beach at Whitley Bay with Granddog Oona, Son #1 & wife (Oona's "humans") and Son#2 plus partner as they're currently visiting us too.

I did lots of ICM shots but I do like the effect here, although I guess it's really only partially abstract. (It depicts Son#2 twice on the right of the photo - the family in the distance (also doubled) is not known to us.)

This evening Son#3 plus partner popped in as well - it was lovely to have all 3 lads plus partners here all at the same time.

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