By D77

Snooker loopy nuts are Wii

We had a great night last night and enjoyed some top quality banter and food with Neil, Gillian, Oli and Hayley. I'll certainly miss these guys when we leave Oman.

Didn't feel like doing much work today so once the stats were out the way I hot-footed it round to Neil's house for a bit of snooker action on the Wii. My passion and enthusiasm for all things gaming has now rubbed off on Neil and as such we try and squeeze at least one session out of the week (he's got a baby and so time is precious). Favourite multiplayer games at the moment are Buzz, Boom Blox, Pro Evo and Snooker.

One of the best things about competitive gaming with Neil is that despite being one of the most friendly, relaxed and funny blokes I've ever met, he hates losing and gets visibly irate (he's been known to throw a few soft punches too) when he is on the wrong end of an ass-whooping. This of course I find extremely amusing, which only aggravates him further.

Unfortunately for me, I am also a very bad loser and despite staging an impressive comeback, I lost out on the final pink and had to watch with teeth clenched as Neil danced around with joy like a proper nancy.

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