Today we’ve been out delivering leaflets again and have now completed the task. It was very warm in the sun and the digital thermometer in the car showed the temperature as 18degC.

After our walk around Parnell we drove to St Lukes Shopping Centre and purchased some new frying pans to replace our 10-year-old pans that are definitely losing their “non stick” finish.

The blip shows another gate and garden urn in Parnell that I’d not noticed before, and a tree that has been given the topiary treatment - there were two, one on either side of a gateway. The extra is tonight’s supper of the tagliatelle with a homemade tomato sauce and the leftover ravioli filling from last night - delizioso!

There are 4,429 new community cases today, and the seven-day rolling average is 4,911 compared to 4,991 last Sunday. The number of people in hospital is 332, including 7 in ICU. Today another 6 deaths have been reported, bringing the total number of deaths to 1,461 and the seven-day rolling average to 12.

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