By Chris_P

‘A Quirky Doorstep Garden’

Spent an interesting couple of hours this afternoon visiting a range of small gardens, (some really small!), in Edinburgh’s ‘Lower New Town’ north of Stockbridge, organised as part of Scotland’s Gardens Scheme.

For me, this really quirky little garden of succulents was the highlight of the tour!

Created on the front steps of her flat in Henderson Row by goldsmith Pauline Farrar, she originally designed the garden to encourage people to stop and chat.

While succulents were the obvious choice - they require little work and don’t need frequent watering - the really original aspect of the garden is the objects used to display them!  

These include - 

a 1970’s Parker Knoll chair, 
a lamp shade, 
bread bin, 
army shoes, 
a washboard 
cast iron bathtubs, 
a typewriter, 
tea pots 
and crockery.

Even a rusty old bike has been put to good use!

(See extras!)

The Succulent Garden is part of Pauline’s wider project of reimagining discarded objects, telling a story by putting items together that were never destined to be united.

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