By CleanSteve

Young oystercatcher chick waiting for food

I’m preparing to take some photographs for a client early next week using a specially built and prepared light box. I need to do some lighting tests in the meantime which require me to use some white foam-board and replaceable paper within the box. I found that a supplier I’d bought such materials from some years ago had them in stock and at the cheapest prices. The good news was that his small warehouse was near Frampton on Severn and quite close to the big lake at Frampton Court where we love to watch the birdlife. I couldn't resist another short visit.

I didn’t have much time so walked straight from the village green on the public footpath through the grounds to the lake. As I neared the shoreline I heard the distinctive calls of oystercatchers and soon saw a pair feeding on worms in the grass banks of the lake amongst a large flock of greylag geese and a couple of swans.

I approached slowly and though the oystercatchers saw me they didn’t fly away. As I took some pictures I realised that they had a young one nearby from the sound of the calls. The birds flew off with some grubs in their beaks and then returned so I began to look for the young bird. I knew that they had been nesting on one of the islands of the lake, but the islands are very overgrown with trees and shrubs, a good protection from foxes but not a good source of food.

Eventually I walked around the lake to a small promontory projecting a dozen yards out into the lake where I often stand to take photographs. I some reeds I spotted a coot on a nest of twigs safely nestling over the water. Then I saw this fluffy feathered baby oystercatcher on the edge of the reeds surrounded by little feather or down, where it was obviously waiting for its parents to bring food for it.

I’ve added a couple of pictures from the sequence to show the scene more clearly.

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