I was in town after work to give away books for world book night. This year it was a Judge Dredd graphic novel I was giving away. This got more funny looks than any other book I've given away since I started giving them out a couple of years ago. And suggesting to any women they might want to give it a try wasn't the best idea.

Thankfully as I was wandering about trying to give them away I discovered that Games Workshop was open late and I managed to give them all away in there so I could finally go home.

On the way to teh bus stop I bumped into Mat, a student of mine from a couple of years ago who is doing incredibly well now. After his HND he went on to complete a degree in Design and Digital Arts at Napier University then went to work for Rapp. He's since left there and is now working at Whitespace instead.

Since we only got After Effects at work this year I have been using his final year degree work, which was pretty much self taught, to showcase to my students the sort of things they could be putting together. He made everything in that project from the sound and video to all the motion graphics, very talented guy, although he's a bit embarassed about the dergee project now as he'd doing better work these days.

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