Cuddy's Crags

It was raining when I woke up this morning and continued for a while so I didn't leap out of be until 7 o'clock or so. I was going to give myself an easier day today but looking at the forecast I decided that as today looked better than tomorrow I'd head off east a bit to Housesteads for the walk to Cuddy's Crags. 

Washed and fed, I left base camp at about 8 setting off into the gloom in hope of an improvement. Again, I was first car into the car park at Housesteads and set off up the hill to the wall heading west along the footpath. It was fairly tough going on the ups and downs again but a lovely walk even in the dull, mizzly conditions. After a while of walking, I saw Crag Lough appear ahead and it struck me that I'd walked too far. I checked on my OS map on the phone and indeed I had passed my goal. Doh! I turned back but it wasn't too bad because about that time the drizzle stopped and the sun came through. Cuddy's Crag was only about half a mile back and what had fooled me was that I'd expected to see that view ahead of me. As I found out, it was looking back to the east. Double doh, I should have known that if I'd taken note of the instructions in my book.

Anyway, here is that wonderful view in better light than it would have been if I'd taken it earlier. It's my entry for the Wide on Wednesday challenge (hosted by BobsBlips) with the theme 'Something of Beauty'. I don't think there's much that's more beautiful than the British countryside and this iconic view along Hadrian's Wall has got to be right up there among the best! Wonderful, I've been wanting to go here for a long time. It would be great to get there at dawn on a frosty winter morning but ten past ten on a June morning will do me for now.

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