Rehabilitation . . .

 . . .  Centre for Wild Animals.
Today we visited a wonderful place where rehabilitation and release is the main aim. Animals are brought to Moholoholo when they are injured - often by poisoning, snaring, being hit by vehicles etc and are cared for until they are well enough to be released, usually in the area where they were found if it is safe so to do.
Many others are gifted as they were previously kept as 'pets' by stupid humans who, when the animals got too big, could not cope with them.  At least they gave them up!   Moholoholo uses these animals for conservation purposes but of course they have to stay in open cages as they aren't safe to be released being too 'humanised'.
In my picture we have a wild dog, bought as a puppy but by a year old was already biting his owner nastily so handed over; the cheetah, leopard and black leopard, whose spots can be seen in certain light, were also raised by humans so could not survive in the wild as they don't know really how to feed themselves and would approach humans, wanting to be fed. . . .
The persons who work here appear very caring and gave a brilliant talk. 
So sad to see all the snares collected in just one day - so much of the land originally 'belonging' to the animals has now been taken for human habitation that the animals are being squashed into smaller and smaller areas, causing huge problems for all and snaring being a common method of killing the animals.
Sadly the vultures we saw (lappet faced) are hugely endangered - apparently poachers kill and poison an animal, then vultures come to do their job and die and then eyes etc are used for tribal medicine .....aaaargh!

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