Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Today we headed out early for breakfast by the sea - delicious - then we caught a ferry over to Gozo. The little port the boat takes you to is lovely, so we spent some time wandering up to various churches on top of various hills before catching the bus inland to the capital Victoria.

Classic slightly touristy city in that the squares with bars in were packed and 30 seconds in any other direction as deserted. We had a drink opposite St George’s Basilica, and realised purely by chance that you could go inside as well. We were the only ones in there, it was silent and so beautiful. We were both a little overwhelmed.

Had a walk around the little streets and admired the houses and plant-filled alleyways, then walked up to the Citadel that overlooks the city. The views were very impressive, and another good church - definitely not as good but I loved this trompe l’oeil dome in the ceiling. We had a very mediocre (even that’s generous) lunch at the top, then headed back down for one last wander before the bus back to the ferry port.

In the evening we headed down to the beach for dinner - the same place we’d had breakfast because we were so impressed. Had some looovely food and very fancy cocktails (extras), then got a couple more drinks from the shop and sat on the edge of the water to enjoy the night views.

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