By AnneILM60

Not my finest hour

I got up and decided I was going to get cracking on making my stars today, so I fed MiniMe and brought in the hummingbird feeders to clean.

The feeders are great as they are dishwasher safe and so I put them in there on a high temperature steam clean cycle by themselves.

While that was happening, I made some hummingbird food and left it on the counter to cool.

Then it was onto bead weaving. I sat and beaded away while watching Netflix only taking a break to put the hummingbird feeders back outside.

While out there, I did cut me some hydrangea to make a replacement bouquet as the old one was definitely tired. Back to beading.

When Kent got home, I was definitely sore and stiff from sitting so much and being bent over as well. (Not good posture at all). Kent suggested I go to the grocery store with him.

At the grocery store we walked every isle and we did a good shopping. Once home, Kent brings the bags in as I stay in the kitchen putting it all away. We finished up just in time for me to go next door and take care of Troy.

The temperature was 84°/29° which is already hot enough to slow me a little, but the heat index was. 94°/34.5° and I was sweating. Wouldn’t you know it, Troy wasn’t in a hurry to go back inside and by the time I was finished over there, I was well and truly soaked and the left side of my body was good and numb.

With MiniMe for company, I slowly walked (if you can call it walking) back home. Once in the house, I had to ask Kent to help me get out of my wet clothes and help me into a cold shower.

The cold water helps bring my body temperature back down and helps the damaged nerves be able get the messages through the bad spots. Somewhat back to normal but exhausted from it all, I just fell into bed.

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