Autumn......down by the river.

Peaceful and warm down by the Ashley River, 26C - I think I got a little sunburnt. After our recent rainfall the river is up and the current is swift. Many areas of the riverbed I couldn't reach today due to new braided channels flowing towards the main river.

I need help with my mountains, if there are any locals out there that can give me a hand, I'd be most grateful. I know the order and heights of the four main mountains but a little sketchy by sight. Not being from this area I'm keen to learn.

Thank you all for your hearts, stars and lovely words for yesterdays NZ Kingfisher, an image I'm very proud of.

Running behind with my jobs tonight, washing to fold, dishes to do so I'd best get on with it.

Happy Wednesday or hump day - the middle day of the week :)

PS I've since learnt that this is Mount Thomas

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