The Saints Window, Kilmoluag, Lismore

Today we learnt the importance of biography.

There are two saints depicted in the stained glass window that I blipped in the cathedral on the island of Lismore today. On the right is St Columba. Yes, we've heard of him. On the left is St Moluag. His name was completely unknown to us until today, yet he is very important to the story of the spread of Christianity in the sixth century.

The difference between Columba and Moluag is that the details of the former's life are recorded in a 'vita'. If there was ever a vita for the latter, it has been lost. Happily, in C21st century, there is at least a Wikipedia entry about St Moluag. However, I do feel that Moluag's name should be better known.

As well as visiting the cathedral on Lismore, we spent an hour or so in the heritage centre, and munched our way through salad and sandwiches in the island café at lunch time. This kept us going until dinner at the Old Inn (again) this evening.

I realise that I have not provided an update on the last few games of our holiday Scrabble tournament. The series has ended in a draw 6-6.

We head home tomorrow after a wonderful holiday (apart from Mr hazelh's toothache, of course).

Exercise today: 12 miles of cycling.

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