By Mrsmacdub

Warm weather

This morning I took my daughter to have her dressings changed, then we had a cup of tea and watched the world go by for half an hour before I headed back home.  While I was enjoying spending time with my daughter, hubby was busy in the kitchen making a cottage pie and a mixed vegetable soup base using the vegetables I roasted yesterday. He also kept enough vegetables to accompany tonight’s supper. 

This afternoon we packed the items being donated to Habitat for Humanity into the car then popped across to Mum’s to collect her surplus TV and TV stand, which were also being donated to Habitat for Humanity.  Having completed that task, we returned home to collect a second lot, which were put into a “clothing bin” and will, most likely, be turned into rags.  Then it was time to pick up the open home signs and return in time to have a quick drink with Mum before going back home to cook our supper and portion up the results of hubby’s cooking into containers to go into the freezer.  It was a successful and productive day and also a warm, sunny one - no jacket required. That, however, is about to change as bad weather is forecast for the next two or three days.

With all our running around, the only blip I was able to take was of two different camellias on two trees side by side in our garden.

There are 7,461 new community cases today, and the seven-day rolling average is 9,000 compared to 6,895 last Sunday. The number of people in hospital is 662, including 13 in ICU. Today another 8 deaths have been reported, bringing the total number of deaths to 1,671.

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