By schorschi

Fairy Tale Day 6 Extended Sunday Brunch

Late & slow (9-10 am) breakfast before setting off into town again using the €9/month public transport. Today we used, underground, tram, bus, S-Bahn (overground-underground regional train) as we did a very typical Munich Sunday.

First to the English Garden to watch the surfers, a wander past all those cooling off in the river, a cool beer in the shade at the Chinese Tower beer garden. We had walked off enough to mange a small pretzel and Obazda Camembert cheese based dip.

Then more walking to the edge to the underground at the 1852 Bavarian (not German, as there was no Germany until 1870) "Siegestor" Victory Gate, which divides the inner city from the swinging party & university area of Schwabing. Badly damaged in WWII the gate has been rebuilt & rededicated to peace, a plaque saying "Dedicated to victory, destroyed by war, urging peace".

Then to the 1972 Olympic Games grounds where the month-long Tollwood Summer Festival of 3rd world, cultural, ethnic, environment, organic food & music takes place. In December, the same at the Winter Festival on the Oktoberfest site. More drinks to replace fluids in the heat (not all are shown) & odd snack.

Finally, quite late, walk 10 minutes from hotel to famous Augustiner Keller beer garden for a  quiet & relaxed final snack. PS Annie's clear looking 0.5 litre mug is not water but Wine Spitzer. Bavarians don't do glasses. Not a bad thing I didn't have to drive today.

Extra, an approx plan of our travels. Geotag on Chinese Tower beer garden in the English Garden

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