By davidc

MonoMonday: "Looking me Square in the Eyes"

Well the day had to come: this morning Granddog Oona had her last ever romp round our garden before setting off with Son#1 and his wife for their new life in Toronto. Naturally I just HAD to blip her, and this shot with her looking me square in the eyes seemed to fit the MM challenge of "square" set by this month's MM host, Laurie54. We have to admit that we shed the odd tear to see them go; the last few weeks while they stayed with us have been lovely.

I decided that a square format would fit the photo well, and I couldn't resist adding the extra of her cooling off by lying on the grass.

Of course we're already planning trips to Canada, hopefully initially in the autumn (so there'll be more Oona blips then) - and our son and daughter-in-law will come to visit us here at times but it won't be practical for them to bring Oona on their visits. She has loved our big garden so much it'll be a miss for her. But apparently there's a good "doggie park" near where they're going to live so I'm sure she'll soon get used to that.

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