Not a sunset

I was waiting for a glorious sunset like last night, but although its very hot still, there has been cloud cover, so the options were as in the blip above taken at 9.18pm, and two others just a little earlier!

Still got sore eyes, sneezing, coughing and to top it up a sore throat, all of which I'm sure is hayfever and asthma issues...

Instead of going into the office to meet my boss today, she agreed we could meet another time at the office, so I worked upstairs this morning, and downstairs with all the door s and windows open this afternoon and even then it was boiling.  It cooled a little when I opened the front door - but I wouldn't want to leave that open incase of unwanted visitors of any description...

Its going to be a very long week, but I have Friday off at least :)

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