Time's up!

Spotted this little scene in front of the liquor store when I walked around for a blip after shopping. Of course the sign refers to the maximum time for a car to park in front of the store, but in my imagination, the busker had used up their time to entertain the people walking by. I wondered where the busker was and thought they must be very trusting to leave the guitar there. I was tempted to play a tune but I'd likely have driven customers away! No busker on my way back to the car either. 
Very hot again today but it's supposed to cool down tomorrow. I was happy to finally get the beets and carrots thinned, and I hope to catch up with the rest of the garden tomorrow. Maybe. 
I can't get used to using the plural pronoun with singular subjects but I never see he/she these days.
I posted a photo of the kids from Sunday here.

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