... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Edinburgh: National Museum of Scotland HDR

How has this happened? A symmetrical museum HDR image...

After a long night on the Caledonian Sleeper ("sleeper train"...), I've had a wonderful first day in Edinburgh; Lady M. was a fantastic guide, and helped me orientate myself in the city. We visited The National Museum of Scotland which has (relatively) recently been extensively refurbished (and a new wing added) and it was all beautifully bright and the exhibits were well-displayed (but for the plastic squid: model animals never do it for me...).

BUT, we arrived at the museum slightly before it opened, so just had to drop by a café: we went to Brew Lab which was serving a very bright and lively El Salvador espresso from Hasbean (excellent roasters and blenders)! I'd been warned that good coffee was harder to come by here (and it may be), but had a deliciously rich and smooth ristretto. That helped after the "sleeper" train...

At the museum, one of the stewards instructed me to put my camera strap around my neck so that when if I dropped it, it wouldn't fall down and squash someone. Hmmm, perhaps he was bored.

I had a lovely afternoon exploring the centre of the city, and met up with two university friends which was very jolly.

What a wonderful day!

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